Titleist Junior Club Fitting

Titleist Junior Club Fitting

Welcome to Henry Brunton Golf Academy’s Titleist Junior Club Fitting, where our certified Titleist Club Fitters are committed to helping junior golfers find their perfect clubs. Our outdoor club fitting sessions provide a great experience, allowing juniors to get fit like a pro using TrackMan technology and Titleist balls.

Certified Titleist Club Fitters

Our team of certified Titleist Club Fitters is dedicated to assisting junior golfers in finding their perfect clubs. With their expertise and knowledge of Titleist equipment, they will guide juniors through the fitting process and ensure that their clubs are optimized for their unique swing characteristics and skill level.

Great Experience - Get Fit Like a Pro

We believe that junior golfers should have a fitting experience similar to that of professional golfers. Through our Titleist Junior Club Fitting, juniors can enjoy a great experience and get fit like a pro. Our fitting sessions take place outdoors, allowing juniors to experience the fitting process on real grass using TrackMan technology and Titleist balls.

Transitioning from US Kids Clubs

As juniors grow past 5 feet tall and develop sufficient clubhead speed, they often transition out of US Kids Clubs. The desire to play with adult or pro clubs arises as juniors seek better performance. However, full-weight and full-length adult clubs can be too long and too heavy for developing juniors between 5 feet and 5 feet 7 inches. That’s where our Titleist Junior Club Fitting comes in.

Specially Weighted Clubheads by Titleist

Titleist offers specially weighted clubheads designed for juniors who can benefit from the design of adult clubs but still require a lighter product at this stage of their development. These clubs provide juniors with the performance they desire while ensuring the right weight and length for optimal playability and comfort.

Exclusive Opportunity at HBGA

Henry Brunton Golf Academy is proud to be the only golf academy in Ontario and California offering this fitting product and opportunity for juniors. We recognize the importance of providing young golfers with access to specialized equipment that can support their development and enhance their performance on the course.

Price Match Guarantee

We understand the value of providing our customers with the best possible service and price. That’s why we offer a price match guarantee on our Titleist Junior Club Fitting services. If you find a lower price for a comparable fitting experience, we will match it, ensuring that you receive exceptional service at a competitive price.

Get Your Clubs Fitted

Join us at Henry Brunton Golf Academy for a comprehensive Titleist Junior Club Fitting experience. Our certified Titleist Club Fitters will assist junior golfers in finding their perfect clubs, optimizing their performance, and fostering a love for the game. Take advantage of this exclusive opportunity and equip your junior golfer with clubs that are perfectly suited to their needs.