New Competitive Golfer Orlando

Excellent Junior Golf Education in Florida

Are you a young, passionate golfer aged 8-13 dreaming of reaching competitive heights? Look no further! Our renowned junior golf academy at Royal St. Cloud Golf Link in Orlando, Florida, provides an exciting and enriching experience for aspiring boys and girls like yourself.

Guided by highly proficient PGA Class A Coaches and HBGA/US Kids Golf Certified Coaches, our program is meticulously crafted to unlock your potential and propel you towards golfing excellence. With a commitment to safety, a structured curriculum, and adaptable scheduling options, we create the ideal environment for you to embark on your journey as a competitive golfer. 

Hosted at Beautiful Royal St. Cloud Golf Links

27 hole Championship Course

Our academy is proud to teach at the prestigious Royal St. Cloud Golf Links, the best course in Orlando, Florida. Learn the finer aspects of golf at this picturesque championship course.


At our golf academy, we believe that learning should be enjoyable, and that’s precisely what our program offers. We understand that having fun on the golf course is crucial for your development as a golfer.

Our award-winning program ensures a delightful experience as you enhance your skills. Engaging games, interactive exercises, and age-appropriate instruction create a dynamic and stimulating learning environment.

Our ultimate goal is to instill a love for the game that will last a lifetime. Prepare to enjoy yourself while evolving into the golfer you’ve always aspired to become!


Recognizing the busy schedules of young golf enthusiasts like yourself, we provide flexible scheduling options to accommodate your needs. Whether you prefer private coaching sessions, skills development sessions, or on-course training with a coach, we have a program tailored to fit your lifestyle.

We understand that flexibility is essential for your progress, enabling you to optimize your training while juggling other commitments. With our personalized scheduling options, you can make the most of your junior golf lessons and achieve your goals at your own pace.


Our program proudly adheres to the esteemed US Kids Golf Player Pathway Curriculum, a structured framework designed to steer your development as a golfer. Progressing from Level 1 to Level 10, you will navigate a series of skill-based challenges and activities. Each level emphasizes different facets of the game, ensuring a comprehensive golf education. As you conquer each level, you will earn Achievement Pins, symbolizing your accomplishments and motivating you to aim higher.

The US Kids Golf Player Pathway Curriculum guarantees a solid foundation in golf fundamentals, equipping you with the skills necessary for competitive play.


To register for our New Competitive Golfer program or to request further information, please contact us at or call us directly at 289-553-5253. We are excited to assist you in your journey to golf excellence!