SFE at Eagles Nest Golf Club – Space is limited.

Welcome to Strive For Excellence, a world-renowned high-performance coaching and training program for competitive golfers aged 13-19. Established in 1999, SFE has a proven track record of developing top-tier golfers that go on to thrive in collegiate programs and professional golf!

SFE is personally led by Henry Brunton, former Golf Canada National Coach/PGA Master Professional, and Rhonda Fleury, PGA of Ontario Junior Leader of the Year.


At Strive For Excellence, we are committed to coaching and training our athletes to perform at the provincial/national junior level and beyond. Our expert team, led by Henry Brunton and Rhonda Fleury, provides unparalleled guidance and support to help athletes advance and find placement in NCAA/CIS Golf programs.

Elite Golf Coaching Programs

Our comprehensive coaching and training programs take place at Eagles Nest Golf Club in Maple, Ontario, and offers a wide range of services to enhance every aspect of your golf game. Our offerings include:

  • Private Coaching

    One-on-one sessions with our experienced coaches to fine-tune your skills and technique

  • Skills Coaching and Training

    Targeted practice sessions designed to improve your overall game and specific areas of focus

  • On-Course Sessions

    Practical training on the golf course to simulate real playing conditions and develop strategic thinking

  • NCAA Preparation

    Guidance and support in navigating the NCAA recruitment process and preparing for collegiate golf

  • Mental Game Training

    Techniques and strategies to strengthen your mental resilience, focus and confidence on the course.

  • TrackMan Testing/Training

    Utilize state-of-the-art TrackMan technology for precise swing analysis and data-driven improvement

  • Club Fitting

    Ensure that your equipment is properly fitted to optimize your performance

  • Stats Analytics

    Dive into the numbers and analytics of your game to identify areas of improvement and track progress

In addition to our year-round program at Eagles Nest Golf Club, we also offer fall/winter/spring training and competition opportunities at the HBGA Orlando Academy in Florida. This provides our athletes with the chance to train in a different environment and benefit from optimal training conditions throughout the year.

Join Strive For Excellence today and unlock your full potential as a competitive golfer. Experience our year-round program, including access to our state-of-the-art Indoor Performance Studio powered by TrackMan during the indoor season. Elevate your game and strive for excellence with us!

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Our program takes place at the prestigious Eagles Nest Golf Club, a renowned golfing destination known for its picturesque course and excellent facilities. Eagles Nest provides the ideal backdrop for young golfers to immerse themselves in the game. The club’s well-maintained practice areas, driving range and stunning course serve as the perfect learning environment for our junior golfers. They’ll have the opportunity to practice their skills in a setting that mirrors professional golf courses.