About us

Henry Brunton & Amazing Coaches

Henry Brunton is one of the most recognizable names in Canadian golf and is one of the world’s leading golf coaches and educators. A graduate of the University of Ottawa, Brunton has been a member of the PGA of Canada since 1984 and the PGA of America since 2021. In 2008, the PGA of Canada honored him with its highest standing – Master Professional. In 2024, Brunton was inducted into the PGA of Ontario Hall of Fame. 

Brunton is the creator of the PGA of Canada Teaching and Coaching Certification Program and the author of Journey to Excellence. He is the first Canadian listed among GOLF Magazine’s Top 100 Teachers and US Kids Top 50 Kids Teachers. 

Two Incredible Academies

Henry Brunton Golf Academy has two outstanding locations – golf academies in Orlando, Florida and just outside Toronto, Ontario. We love golf and sharing our experience and knowledge to help golfers enjoy the sport to the fullest. 

Unlock your potential and learn to shoot lower scores at either of our academy locations!

What To Expect from Golf Coaching

HBGA Golf Coaches love the game.  We are passionate about inspiring our students’ journey to play their best by sharing our knowledge and experience.  We make learning fun and comfortable.  Students can count on our expert guidance, personlaized instruction, and a structured training program that is aligned with their goals. Students will get clear concepts , sound information, and specific feedback that enables them to develop solid fundamentals, ball-striking ability, short game skills and course management principles.  Coaching provides invaluable guidance, support,and mentorship- helping students build skill and conidence while fostering a love for the game.