Take your game to the next level with private coaching sessions at Royal St. Cloud Golf Links conducted by our PGA Certified Coaching Specialists. On-Course Coaching Sessions are also available by appointment.

Hosted at Beautiful Royal St. Cloud Golf Links

27 hole Championship Course

HBGA Orlando is proud to call Royal St. Cloud Golf Links home – award-winning twenty-seven hole  facility with outstanding service consistently ranked as a favorite public golf experience of local golfers in Orlando and visiting tourists. 


Enjoy a customized journey to better golf with an HBGA Coach. Learn to hit it farther, more consistently, and improve your short game and scoring skills under the guidance of our PGA Coaching Specialists. Our goal is to help you improve your game and enjoy it to the fullest. We guarantee that you will improve and enjoy the process. 

Private Coaching Sessions

Enjoy one-on-one private coaching sessions with a PGA Coaching Specialist to improve your fundamentals, skills, and confidence so you can play better golf. HBGA Coaches keep it simple and focused what is most important for you to improve your swing and game.

Club Delivery Pattern Analysis

Students learn to hit the ball their maximum distance and more consistently when an HBGA Coach  provides empirical insights into their club delivery patterns and ball-striking ability through the use of TrackMan and video analysis. Getting a clear understanding of your swing patterns and ball flight laws is critical in the player development process. 

Get The Ball In The Hole!

Golf is all about getting the ball into the hole as fast as you can.  HBGA Coaches conduct a complete assessment of your game- fundamentals , swing technique, and short-game skills. We identify the highest priority issues that are holding you back from playing better golf and then work with you to improve. 

WHat To Expect from GOLF COACHING

HBGA Golf Coaches love the game. We are passionate about inspring our students journey to play their best by sharing our knowledge and experience. We make learning fun and comfortable. Students can count on expert guidance, personalized instruction and a structured training program that is aligned with their goals. Students will get clear concepts, sound information and specific feedback that enables them to develop solid fundamentals,  ball-striking ability,  short game skills, and course management principles. Coaching provides invaluable guidance, support, and mentorship -helping students build confidence fostering a love for the game.

Contact Us To Schedule Private Lessons

 Contact us at to schedule private coaching and on-course coaching sessions at Royal St. Cloud Golf Links. We are excited to assist you in your journey to golf excellence!