Adult Golf Performance Coaching

Available at Toronto & California Academies

Welcome to Henry Brunton Golf Academy’s Adult Golf Performance Coaching program. Our dynamic coaching and training sessions are designed to be both fun and effective, guaranteeing results that will lead to improved consistency and better scores on the golf course. 

Whatever your goals may be, we have a team of expert coaches to help you get there.

Who is this program for?

Our Adult Golf Performance Coaching is specifically designed for course-ready adult golfers who actively play golf and have a strong desire to improve their game. Whether you’re a seasoned player or looking to take your skills to the next level, our program will help you become more skillful and consistent on the course.

Objectives of Adult Golf Performance Coaching

Our goal is to provide you with a fun and productive learning experience that leads to long-term development and improved performance. Throughout the coaching sessions, we will focus on teaching and reinforcing the fundamentals and critical concepts for both the full swing and the short game skills, including putting, chipping, pitching, lob shots, and greenside sand play shots.

In addition to the technical aspects of the game, we will also cover decision-making skills, routines, and strategies for short game shots. We believe that a well-rounded golfer not only possesses excellent technical skills but also understands how to make effective decisions on the course.

Key Features

Each participant will receive specific feedback tailored to their individual needs. Our experienced instructors will identify key areas for improvement and provide you with actionable steps to enhance your game.

Expect to be active and engaged in these coaching sessions. We emphasize high-volume, focused repetitions with immediate feedback, allowing you to learn the necessary skills and make tangible progress.

The program is conducted by Henry Brunton, a PGA Master Professional renowned for his expertise and experience in golf instruction. With Henry’s guidance, you’ll receive top-notch coaching from one of golf’s leading professionals.

Join Us

Join us at Henry Brunton Golf Academy for Adult Golf Performance Coaching and take your game to new heights. Our program is designed to provide you with the tools, knowledge, and practice necessary to become a more consistent and skilled golfer. Sign up for a session with Henry Brunton and start your journey towards improved performance today.