Private Adult Golf Coaching

At Strawberry Farms Golf Club, California

Discover a transformative golf experience with Henry Brunton Golf Academy’s Private Adult Golf Coaching program at the prestigious Strawberry Farms Golf Club. Our dynamic coaching and training sessions are not only enjoyable but also highly effective, ensuring tangible results that translate to enhanced consistency and improved scores on the golf course.

Learn how to love and excel at golf from our team of PGA Professional Coaches.


Immerse yourself in the love and mastery of golf with our team of PGA Professional Coaches led by Henry Brunton. Whether you are a seasoned player or aspiring to elevate your skills, we tailor our program to make you more skillful and consistent on the course.


Designed for course-ready adult golfers with a strong desire to enhance their game, our Adult Golf Performance Coaching is ideal for those actively engaged in golf. Regardless of your experience level, our program aims to elevate your skills and contribute to your overall improvement.


Experience a fun and productive learning journey focused on long-term development and enhanced performance. Our coaching sessions meticulously cover the fundamentals and critical concepts for both the full swing and short game skills, including putting, chipping, pitching, lob shots, and greenside sand play.

In addition to technical aspects, we delve into decision-making skills, routines, and strategies for short game shots. We believe that a well-rounded golfer not only possesses excellent technical skills but also excels in making effective decisions on the course.

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Join us at Henry Brunton Golf Academy for Private Adult Golf Coaching and take your game to new heights. Our program is designed to provide you with the tools, knowledge, and practice necessary to become a more consistent and skilled golfer. Sign up for a session with Henry Brunton and start your journey towards improved performance today.